Family Law

Family Law

Any issue surrounding divorce or child custody is emotional for the entire family. We understand that it is often difficult to separate your emotions from the legal aspects of these challenges. We are here to help you navigate through the legal aspects surrounding a broad range of family law issues.


Whether you and your spouse have mutually agreed to end your marriage, or you have just been informed your spouse intends to file for divorce, you need an attorney who will represent your best interests and most importantly, one who is willing to stand up and fight for you in court. You also need an attorney who also treats you with dignity, respect, and compassion which can provide some peace of mind through one of the most difficult situations in your life. That is the kind of service we provide at The Ramay Law Firm.

Child Custody & Support Issues

Custody and child support issues are always challenging. We understand you want what is best for your children, and we will work tirelessly to ensure the court understands your position on custody matters. Regardless of which parent ultimately wins custody, both parents have a financial obligation to the children. We can help you understand how Georgia courts determine support and make sure your children are financially secure.

Legitimation Issues

When a child is born out of wedlock, a biological father can still have rights to visitation, and an obligation to provide financial support. However, a biological father must act quickly to ensure his rights are secured and not abandoned. We can help establish legitimation and paternity either by an agreement of the parents or by asking the court to order DNA testing and initiating a case for legitimation.

We understand family law issues are disruptive and have long-term consequences. Contact the Ramay Law Firm in Hazlehurst Georgia for all issues pertaining to divorce, child custody and support, and paternity matters. Let our family help your family through this challenging time.