Probate Law

Probate Law

Estate planning is a necessity for everyone particularly people with children, business owners, newlyweds, and seniors. Not only does an estate plan help ensure your assets are distributed per your wishes after your demise, it can also provide important information to your loved ones in the event of your incapacity.

Understanding Powers of Attorney

A power of attorney allows you to appoint a person you trust to handle your affairs in the event you are unable to do so. There are different types of powers of attorney, financial, general, and medical (known as advance directives) which can be put into place to ensure your bills are paid, your medical wishes are carried out, and your day-to-day care is arranged for. We can work with you to determine what your needs are and help you draft the proper legal documents.

Wills & Trusts

When you have assets to be distributed upon your death, there have to be some directions in place or the courts will decide on your behalf. For some, a will is all that is necessary. For others, such as business owners, those with large estates, or when there are privacy concerns, a trust is the right vehicle. We will take the time to understand your financial situation and your wishes for your assets and then decide which type of legal structure is right for you.

Estate Administration

If you have been charged with administering the estate of a loved one, as a result of being named executor, or being appointed administrator by the court, you may need legal guidance. There are deadlines which must be met, notifications to creditors and heirs which must be submitted, and a host of other matters which must be addressed. We can help you through the process of opening an estate, to the final closing of the estate including filing a final tax return.

If you need help administering an estate, or creating an estate plan to protect your family, Contact The Ramay Law Firm. We provide a broad range of estate services to residents in the Hazlehurst Georgia area.