Workers’ Compensation

Workers Compensation

When your employer’s insurance company has denied your workers’ compensation claim or suspended benefits you have been collecting, you may need to turn to an attorney who has broad experience handling these types of cases. We understand you depend on these benefits to provide for your family while you are recovering.

We have dealt with numerous situations when medical bills go unpaid, an insurer refuses specific treatment, and benefits have been suspended because the insurer feels you are ready to go back to work. You can fight back, but you need an attorney who is on your side and willing to fight on your behalf.

That’s when you can count on The Ramay Law Firm in Hazlehurst Georgia, we will serve as a tireless advocate on your behalf and make sure you are getting all the benefits you are entitled to under Georgia’s workers’ compensation statutes. Contact our offices today and let us help you resolve this matter as quickly as possible.